01 June 2012

Pre-BEA Tips!


By tomorrow night, I will be sitting next to the beautiful Laura who I share this blog with. And in FIVE DAYS, we will be at BEA. How awesome is that?

So in a PRE BEA MADNESS FREAKOUT, I am taking a break to write you all a post. Laura and I are VERY excited for BEA for multiple reasons. We cannot wait to meet tons of authors, get TONS of ARCs to review for you all and FINALLY meet each other.

While I am now a BEA-veteran, Laura is not. So I share some tips for her and for you all.

1. WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES. BEA begins at 9am every day and ends at 5pm. You walk for about 95% of that time. Comfortable shoes is a MUST.
2. Dress business casual. You're still at a publishing conference. Be professional.
3. Bring business cards and/or your resume. You're going to be meeting people who want to follow you on twitter and read your blog. Have that information ready for them.
4. BRING SNACKS. Seriously. I don't think I had any time to eat last year. It's called the BEA diet.
5. You get a LOT of books. They hand them out like they're candy. Due to this, bring a small suitcase. It costs a few dollars to check, but it's so worth it when you have 20 books and you're shoulder is going to fall of after a block.
6. Pack a water bottle. Caffinee. The cafeteria in Javitz is overpriced and packed with people.
7. Interact with EVERYONE you meet. You never know who's around.

8. Make a schedule. Find out who is signing when and where and write it down. So you can see everything you want to and not miss anything because you just didn't know about it.
9. While following this schedule, just jump on random lines. Free books. Seriously. That's how I got six DoS&B.
10. GO TO PANELS. Listen to what the publishers are saying. Look at the trends. Don't just be a blogger that blogs, be the FIRST blogger to blog.

Okay, I lie, this is the MOST important,
11. HAVE FUN! It's a long day [or three days]. Go meet authors. Discuss blogging. Pick up free books, even if you donate them later. Smile.

Always, always smile.

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  1. Eeek! Twin, the one thing I DIDN'T bring is business cards! We don't have them at the library, and I didn't make any for me. *panics*