Behind the Hoodie


The Magic Hoodie Literary Society began when two girls--Laura, Bailey--realized they each owned the same hoodie. (Which wasn't much of a realization because Bailey told her to buy the thing, but that makes the story less interesting.)
So two girls owned the same hoodie, read the same kinds of books, and then would sit around & tweet for hours discussing the aforementioned books. But one day, they decided they wanted to share their conversations with the Interwebs--a daunting & inspired desire to be sure--and so they created a book blog.
Throughout the last two years, they blogged about their favorite Young Adult novels and even added in their friends, Kelly and Kenzie to review with them. Since then, Bailey and Kenzie have left, but their influence that helped form the Magic Hoodie Literary Society has not been forgotten.
Today, these two girls still sit around and chat about books, but now the end result is a collection of book reviews for you, Esteemed Blog Reader, to read. We sincerely hope you enjoy our reviews, our antics, and, of course, our hoodies.
Because they are, in fact, made with magic.

About Laura

Laura is a 20-something YA librarian who gets to spend her days ordering amazing books for the library. After work, she goes to the bookstore and buys the same books for herself. She has also created an ingenious patent-pending foolproof method for reading that allows her to read and knit at the same time. It involves a cell phone, her car keys, and, occasionally, fruit. 

Described once as an extrovert trapped in an introvert's body, Laura spent her high school years striving toward attaining invisibility without the use of magic. She then reversed her efforts by campaigning ruthlessly for the title "Class Bookworm" in her senior year. In college she absorbed useless facts like a sponge, and now she likes to use them to entertain strangers. They really enjoy it.

Laura can recite portions of Beowulf in Anglo-Saxon on command. The same goes for The Canterbury Tales in Anglo-Norman. If prompted, she will give a thirty-minute lecture on the development of modern English. 

Don't prompt her.

3 Favorite Genres
  •  Speculative fiction (so she can include sci-fi & fantasy)
  •  "literary" fiction
  •  mystery

About Kelly

Kelly is as English as a girl can be with a New Jersey accent. She likes to read, write, and ride trains, planes, and automobiles. She watches way too much British TV for her own good, and can put on decent British accent due to her obsession. Some have said she is not made of blood, organs and tissue, but of sunshine, sparkles and awesome. She's a super senior at University near NYC studying English and creative writing. Laura is her wonderful (internet) twin; they ignore all concepts of reality. She loves going into NYC to play with publishers and dance down Broadway, all while dreaming of the day when she can join the ranks of Rowling, Green, Levithan, and her jar owner, Johnson.
3 Favorite Genres
  •  Contemporary romance
  •  Urban Fantasy
  •  John Green (yes, he is his own genre)