22 May 2012

Our Society Changes... Again.

Dearest followers and readers,

We are sad to announce that Kenzie has also decided to leave our fair blog due to her personal life and academic commitments.

With this second change to our ranks, we have decided to take this opportunity and re-vamp the site a little bit. You'll still see reviews, but you'll also see some other fun posts and possibly a new full-time reviewer and a guest reviewer or two.

We are also covering BEA! How exciting! We're really very excited for a number of reasons. First, we're finally going to be meeting each other! Then, we get to spend the week meeting other bloggers, discussing YA lit, and getting our hands on juicy ARCs. During this week, we will be discussing our ideas and plans for MHL.

Never fear, for as long as there's books, we will be reading them.

Best Wishes,

Kelly and Laura.

p.s. A HUGE thanks to Kenzie and Bailey for doing all the design work they have for our fair site. We do not have the knowledge they have. So we thank thee.

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  1. I'm so sad to hear that Kenziekins and Bailey have decided to step down, but I know they're doing what's right for themselves and they are still awesome girls! The MH Lit Society will go on. *insert Celine Dion crooning here*