Contest Rules, Regulations, and Other Important Factoids to Remember

On occasion, we like to give YOU, our esteemed reader, the opportunity to win cool book stuff because, on occasion, we get cool book stuff.  If we are currently running a contest, please read the bullet points below to make sure you are doing everything possible (and correctly) to be entered for your chance to win. 

  1. All contestants must live in the United States or have a United States shipping address.  (We are sorry to any out-of-country potential contestants, but we fund everything for this blog ourselves. So, for now, shipping opportunities are limited.)
  2. All entries must be received during the specified contest period.  Current Contests are posted at the top of the left side bar, just above Upcoming Author Events, and at the bottom of this section.
  3. All winners will be announced on the blog and on Twitter, and must be willing to send personal information (name and address) to the MH Lit Society's e-mail address: mhlitsociety(AT)gmail(DOT)com. 
  4. Each person can have up to 7 entries.  See "Ways to Enter" for more details.
  1. ONE (1) entry is given for a comment left on the blog post announcing the contest. All you need to do is drop us a nice line along the lines of, "Nice blog, PLEASE send me this cool stuff."  
  2. ONE (1) entry is given for re-tweeting any information about the contest on Twitter OR for giving your own shout-out about the contest on Twitter. Please used the hashtag #MHLitContest so we can find all tweets easily.
  3. FIVE (5) entries will be given for DOING SOMETHING CREATIVE. This creative something can be pretty much anything you can think of that is remotely creative and demonstrates your desire to win whatever we are giving away.  Popular entries in the past have been YouTube videos, drawings, computer graphic manipulation, making t-shirts, etc.   All creative somethings MUST be e-mailed to themhlitsociety(AT)gmail(DOT)com, and the creative genius (contestant) MUST give permission for the creative something to be posted on the blog. 
  1. Remain respectful of the books, the authors, and us.  We do this because we want to and like to, and we have these awesome things to give to you because the authors themselves are amazing and awesome. What we have to give is limited, and we do the best we can to make everything fair. 
  2. All contestants names will put into a CONTEST HAT as many times as they entered (up to 7).  Contestants names will then be drawn until the prizes have all been given away.  We're simple and old-school like that.

Contact Us

Hey, we love to know what you're thinking. This is, actually, all about you.  Well, no, first it's all about books, but then it is all about you, the reader. 

If you'd like to see a certain book reviewed, if you have a suggestion for the site, if you just want to say hello, then submit feedback via the helpful form provided below. 

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