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Review Policy

The MH Lit Society is a YA book blog that does all of it's own leg work. That is to say, we each individually choose a novel we want to review, and then we review it. Unless otherwise noted, none of our reviews are done at the request of individual authors, publishing companies, or third parties.

Each review is honest, and not one of us will compromise our integrity as a book blogger. This does mean that when we've read a novel we didn't enjoy, the review will, constructively, reflect that. Our reviews are very subjective, and are in no way intended to be read as deep, literary analysis (though we do occasionally go there).

Our reviews consist of cover art, a synopsis of the novel*, publication information, and our personal thoughts about the novel.

The MH Lit Society does host author interviews and giveaways, and again, at the moment, by doing all of our own leg work. Often, we'll host a giveaway of a book we really enjoyed just because we want to share something we loved with other readers. Occasionally, we'll reach out to authors whose books we've really enjoyed and ask them to do an interview for our blog. When they say yes, we're really happy. 

If you're an author who'd like us to host an interview or do a giveaway, please contact us at mhlitsociety(AT)gmail(DOT)com. 

We do not receive/accept any monetary compensation for our reviews.

* Synopses of novels are taken from the book jacket, Amazon.com, barnesandnoble.com, or Goodreads. If  a synopsis is not available at the time of our review, we will write our own.

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Privacy Policy 

The MH Lit Society takes the security of your personal information and your privacy very seriously.  Under no circumstances are names, e-mail addresses, or mailing addresses saved, nor are they distributed to or shared with any other online or real world entities. 

All names, e-mail address, and mailing addresses are erased permanently from our files once they are no longer needed. 

As always, use common sense when on the internet. Our blog is no exception to this cardinal rule.
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