13 December 2011

Heartbreakers Heal Hearts, Too!

The Secret Sisterhood of Heartbreakers by Lynn Weingarten (December 27, 2011, HarperTeen)
Review by Kelly Lucas

Once upon a time, a girl was playing around on Goodreads and saw a title by a favorite author. That title was The Secret Sisterhood of Heartbreakers and that author is Lynn Weingarten. From that moment, I knew I HAD to read this book. No, seriously, I continued to pester Lynn and her publisher about Advanced Reader Copies until that fateful day: the day Lynn told me that I was receiving an ARC.*

Even though I was in the middle of reading two other books at the time, had loads of GRE studying to do, and my room was a mess, I began to read it right away. This almost never happens. I buy a book and it sits on my shelf for the next year before I have time to read it. Seriously, I *still* haven’t read The Last Little Blue Envelope and it’s been on my shelf since May. These things take time. Except, I had been waiting for SSH for almost a year, if not more.

The title doesn’t give you much and the summary on Goodreads is very vague. I had no idea what was going to happen in this book. I knew these girls were heart breakers, and I knew Lucy had recently had her heart broken, and this is why I love this book. LOVE. Not past tense, present. Reading SSH was such a joy to my day that I wish I was still reading it. Lynn’s voice in Wherever Nina Lies was so different from what I normally read. I fell in love with her writing then. Lynn has the gift of a story teller, except more so. You may think you’re sitting down with her books, but she’s actually there with you. She sits you down, cuddles underneath the blankets with you, and tells you the story like she had lived it herself.

Lucy is fifteen and in love her boyfriend, Alex. Typical, yes? Let’s continue. First day of sophomore year, she approaches Alex and, ohmygoodness, he breaks up with her. Lucy does what any girl would normally do, runs to the bathroom and cry. What Lucy didn’t know is that three girls have been paying a bit too much attention to her.

Olivia, Gil, and Liza invite her into their group to do one thing: make a boy fall in love with her in seven days and then break his heart to collect the tear. The catch? Once Lucy breaks a heart and drinks the magic potion, her heart will be unbreakable. Who would really say no to that? Lucy decides to go along with their plan, but use their magic to win back Alex instead.

Lucy is your typical 15-year-old girl who just had her heart broken. She wants to fix it and get her boyfriend back. While she’s very smart, she’s also a bit naive. Olivia, Liza and Gil are seniors and wish to share their knowledge of boys and how to make these boys not only like, but fall in love with Lucy. Lucy is using them while they in turn are using her. Honestly, they’re nut-jobs. If three girls had told me they had magic to make boys fall in love with them, I would have done the same thing Lucy did. Lucy was hurt and did not have another option. I felt for her because I had been there, not only when I was 15, but earlier this very year. I connected with Lucy as if I was her. This hooked me in and made me keep reading. I wanted to know how Lucy would get Alex back and if she really would. I wanted to know how she tackled the secret sisterhood and their witchy ways.

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I learned from this book about love. After dealing with a cracked heart, I was starting to heal. While it is a bit of a paranormal tale, I view it as a bit of a dating journal as well. No girl likes to have a broken heart and this book is your magic potion.

*That day’s joy ALMOST matched my joy for Pottermore. ALMOST. 

UPDATE: I totally forgot to tell you guys that we're doing a CONTEST. Just follow our blog and comment on THIS post and you'll be entered to win a copy of The Secret Sisterhood of Heartbreakers! What else! I'll leave it open until the end of this year [Dec. 31, 2011]! 


Congrats to Allison for winning! But stay tuned for more contests throughout 2012!


  1. Kelly is right, this book is amazing! Everyone should go out and read Wherever Nina Lies NOW and preorder The Secret Sisterhood of Heartbreakers for LATER--you'll only have to wait a few weeks and trust me, it will be worth the wait!

  2. *comments comments comments*

  3. *slyly sneaks into contest* *sits politely beside Rissa* *smiles innocently*

  4. OH YES!! I've been waiting for this one to come out. I ordered our library's copies, but they take FOREVER to come it--and I'm not that patient. *makes grabby hands* *re-reads WHEREVER NINA LIES while waiting*

  5. I love this cover. All the tiny stars, make me smile.

  6. I'd love to read this book. It sounds really good! *_* Please enter me in the contest only if it is international.

    I'm a GFC follower - Giada M.

    Thank you! :)

    fabgiada (at) gmail (dot) com

  7. I'm a first timer for Lynn Weingarten, and I really wanna read this book, as well as any others she has out. Love your blog by the way!

  8. Okay, okay. I've been following via Bloglines since day one, but I'm officially following now. Just for a chance at this book. So there.

  9. I swear I thought I commented on this. :( I like the stars on the cover & have never read anything by Lynn Weingarten so pick me! :D