19 January 2011

Wondering Where We Are?


It is totally Bailey's fault. She's off in Texas where it isn't die-in-your-stalled-car-on-the-side-of-the-road cold. Just sitting back, looking at roads that are not littered with dead or dying motorists, ignoring my cries for roadside assistance as she sips a smoothie and--


That's right, our very own Bailey is currently tearing chunks of her hair out, jumping at small noises, and holding her pen like a dagger as she fills out form after form. She's writing essays like her life depends on it...and it kind of does. Well, her future at least. So I have decided to be a Nice Laura, and let her off the hook.

Therefore, Bailey and I are taking a break--you've probably noticed. However, now it is an Official Break, instead of just an impromptu one. Bailey's last application is due February first, so look for us in February with our review of Anna and the French Kiss, among other things that I have in the works (all Bailey has in the works right now is a nervous breakdown).

Bailey, you have Good Thoughts coming your way! And I promise you can make fun of me when I do something Very Important.

And I'd like to issue a challenge--everyone has plenty of time between now and February. I want everyone to read Anna and the French Kiss so we can have a good Twitter discussion later! We'll give you more info as we get closer to our review date. Yes, I know some of you have already read it...Read it again. I have!


  1. Laura --

    Thank you for the heartfelt blame. I am, in fact, holding pens like daggers and subsisting entirely on tea and unfrosted blueberry PopTarts* because these are easily accessible from my laptop.

    I am excited to be back in February because it means this terrible, terrible time in my life will be over. And I can go back to happily ignoring my future in favor of books.

    This comment was mostly so our readers know that I am alive. We wouldn't want them to think that you'd just killed me and shoved me over a bridge into a river somewhere.**

    See you, Laura, and our readers in February! I will be HAPPY to be back amongst the bookworms.

    * Actually, no. Someone comes over to feed me balanced meals several times a week. And occasionally, someone drags me elsewhere to eat these balanced meals.

    ** Laura would never do this to me. I don't think. ::locks doors and windows::

  2. Bailey, Bailey, Bailey. I would never hurt you! I am, after all, listed by reputable scientists as "Mostly Harmless." And at this time of the year, I am at my most docile, mostly because I refuse to go outside. You are safe for now, my friend.

  3. I have reviews lined up! Be happy and excited.